Joern Rohde Photographer

Joern Rohde, Photographer, Owner of Cedar Springs LodgeJoern Rohde has enjoyed photography for over 35 years, 16 of those professionally. He is one of the most sought after photographers in British Columbia. Joern is the principal photographer and publisher of Whistler Traveller magazine ( Joern embodies living the Whistler Life and many of his prized photographs can be viewed when you stay at Cedar Springs Lodge.

Joern lives the West Coast lifestyle to the fullest.  He has travelled all over British Columbia trekking through the Rainforests of the North Coast, biking the deserts of the interior plateau, to skiing remote mountain peaks to bring you the spectacular, unique, and breathtaking in BC photography. Joern’s art is to blend traditional photographic techniques with cutting edge technology.  Some images are left to stand alone in their natural state, while others are enhanced, merged, and digitally blended into his own unique style. During your stay at Cedar Springs Lodge, the walls literally come alive with BC life, beauty, and natural wonder. Wherever you call home, imagery from Joern Rohde will transform it into a West Coast showcase!

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